Dave Chappelle Is Releasing His 1st Stand-Up Special In 12 Years & More Are Coming

Following the announcement that he’d be hosting Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle fans everywhere could be heard asking themselves if this was a sign the comedy icon would be making his return. Since the abrupt end to Chappelles Show in 2006, Dave’s appearances in film and television have been scarce, though he has not shied away from performing standup. However, he has not released a comedy special since 2004’s For What It’s Worth. Given the current socio-political climate in the U.S. and the subject matter he frequently included in his Comedy Central program, Chappelle’s return to comedy seems perfectly timed, and now it’s official: Dave is back, and not just on Saturday night.


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Today (November 21), Netflix announced that it will be airing three comedy specials from Chappelle, the first such productions of his since 2004. Though official release dates have yet to be announced (though at least two will drop in 2017), Pitchfork reports that all three have aleady been filmed, effectively ensuring that Netflix’s announcement is not a false promise. Two will come from “Chappelle’s personal comedy vault,” while one is an exclusive Netflix production. In a statement to Variety, the network’s VP of original documentary of comedy Lisa Nishimura says “Dave’s three new specials promise to be some of the most anticipated events in comedy.” As Heads may recall, one of SNL‘s most memorable moments on November 12 came in the form of a The Walking Dead-inspired skit starring a handful of Chappelle Show‘s signature characters, and the overwhelmingly positive response to that – and to Dave’s biting opening monologue – seem to prove Nishimura’s claim.