LaKeith Stanfield Shows There’s More Than 1 Talented Rapper In “Atlanta” (Video)

In 2016, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) showed greater dimension in his repertoire with the launch of Atlanta. Before the show’s first season reached its midpoint, the network ordered two more seasons of the series. Accolades and ratings are spilling in, and Glover may have far surpassed his musical profile, which includes Top 10 releases. On the show—Glover does not rap, but “Paper Boi” (played by Brian Tyree Henry) does. Off camera, Donald is not the only actor with history in music.

Atlanta’s Paper Boi Just May Be Even Cooler In Real Life (Video)

On Atlanta, LaKeith Stanfield plays “Darius.” He has also starred in Dope, Selma, and notably portrayed Snoop Dogg in 2015’s Straight Outta Compton. Off camera, the 25 year-old California native fronts the group, Moors. He loves Hip-Hop, and hopes to pursue with the widened spotlight on his acting abilities. Appearing on The Breakfast Club, LaKeith discussed becoming an actor through Google (as he says), staying drug-free, and if Atlanta will release companion music as Empire and other shows have.

At 28:30 however, he closed his T.B.C. appearance by kicking some a cappella raps that show an MC with clever cadence, tangible references, and substance and style in his lyrics. After he raps, Charlamagne Tha God, who has some fun with Stanfield throughout the interview, says he’s more impressed with Stanfield’s acting. While the dividends may be presumably greater in one field than another, this actor is not just playing MCs—he is one.

#BonusBeat: Listen to Stanfield’s group, Moors, and their self-titled EP:

The actor also appeared in this very memorable 2015 Run The Jewels video.