Nick Grant Taps Into His Outkast Influence In A Video Made By Idlewild’s Director

Many artists in the mid-2010s, quickly fill up the digital atmosphere with songs and videos, and see what sticks. Nick Grant is one MC whom the people have taken to. The South Carolina native has almost entirely done it himself, avoiding big name features—and letting his 88 mixtape, as well as one visual, and a few freestyles and singles blaze the trail for great things to come. Now backed by the same Epic Records that just released A Tribe Called Quest’s final album, Grant gets a music video moment reserved for stars in “Get Up/Sing Along” that rewards patience handsomely.

Directed by Brian Barber (Idlewild), one can feel the heavy influence Outkast and the Dungeon Family had on Grant. Visually, Barber uses his imaginative knack for blending the eras and presenting the South with a lot of flare and soul. While this visual is a mighty production (with choreography, fight sequences, multiple locations, and extensive wardrobe), it never loses sight of its star, and his gifts. He performs the first half of the single, with its heavy James Brown and ’60s Funk influence.

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“Sing Along,” however has a greater ‘Kast influence in its sped up rhyme delivery. Using their director, on the same label as the group in hiatus, this second half of the music video follows a nighttime church tent Baptism. The flow picks up, and the video takes a different turn from its first half—however as the listener eventually sees, there is some carryover.

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WatchTheDuck and Ricco Barrino are also intricate players on these songs, respectively.