Nick Grant Takes Erykah Badu’s Window Seat & Destroys It (Video)

Last year, Nick Grant made a name for himself with not one, but two of the finest freestyles of the year. He appeared on the Sway In The Morning show with CyHi The Prynce and others, and literally rhymed like his life depended on it. Months later, he did it again.

Nick Grant Kicks One of The Best Verses Of The Year…Excluding NOBODY (Video)

This year, he started off with a bang with the release of his mixtape 88. The project showcases Grant’s diversity of flow and subject matter, and remains one of the strongest of the year. Originally a native of South Carolina, and now a resident of Atlanta, Grant is one of the most promising MCs to rise out of the South in years, and his talent has been recognized by some heavy hitters. He can count, in his corner, members of the teams that brought Outkast, T.I. and Ludacris to the world and who also work with Big K.R.I.T.

Nick Grant’s Newest Mixtape Proves Why His Buzz is Only the Beginning (Album Stream)

One of the strongest tracks on 88 is Grant’s take on the “Window Seat” track crafted for Erykah Badu by James Poyser (The Roots) and Badu, herself. The track is no stranger to rappers, as Rick Ross showcased his flow on the remix with Erykah. On Grant’s version, he touches on everything from the struggles of single mothers to depression and low self esteem. He’s also not above straight up telling other MCs how nice he is, boldly declaring himself “the new GOAT.” In short, Grant refuses to be put in a box, rapping “I ain’t gangster. I ain’t conscious. I’m just real. I’m just honest.”

In the video for “Window Seat,” Grant keeps it simple. Shot in Seattle, there are several aerial views of the city, from planes, rooftops, penthouses and other places. In many ways the scenes are metaphors for Grant’s quest to be on top of the world.