Rapsody Brings A Fiery Message Of Strength & Resilience Right On Time (Audio)

Two days after an election that stunned people on both sides, many are still reeling as they try to process a Presidency held by Donald Trump, after running a campaign rooted in racism, xenophobia and sexism. To some there is a belief that America is going to return to its “glory days,” while others no longer even know what “America,” the purported “land of the free” even means. As emotions range from anger to despair, often from moment to moment, Rapsody steps forth with a song full of strength, resilience and focused, but peaceful, resistance.

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On “Fire,” produced by Kash, Khrysis and 9th Wonder, Rapsody addresses many important themes. With lines like “don’t matter who in the big house we gon still march and fight,” she reminds that regardless of the outcome of the elections, the reality is it would still be on us, the people, to make any meaningful change. And, while she says “I know the disbelief and pain you feeling now and why some feel the need to wanna burn it down,” like Killer Mike did this summer, she offers economic alternatives that, in a capitalistic society, may hit even harder. “Don’t invest your money in a business that don’t fuck wit y’all,” she raps, echoing Mike’s call to action to divest money from a capitalistic structure that is oppressive.

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Rapsody also raps several poignant lines about the message the election sends to our children. Words like “look the babies in the eyes and tell em ‘we’ll do better,'” address the real struggle many endured in trying to explain to their sons and daughters how Donald Trump could be chosen as our President. She also bemoans the implicit reinforcement of the systemic shootings of unarmed Black people by the police, saying “the babies watching see the hate and killings.” Her message is not reserved for children of color either, as she raps “How a porn star become a flotus? Is this what we want our girls to grow up in? 10% Dis or paper thin. Y’all ain’t seen the Lyte. I blame your parents. They ain’t raise you right.”

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By the song’s end, Rapsody’s message is one of pride and pushing forward. “They wildin’ cuz Obama made it. A Black made it better and that’s why they hate us. So never stop being what they hating: Brilliant!”

Read the full lyrics to Rapsody’s “Fire” at iamrapsody.com.