Rapsody Is Going For The Crown & She Doesn’t Care Who’s Mad (Audio)

Rapsody is in a whole new atmosphere since she last checked in with Beauty and the Beast. Rap’ now carries a Grammy award, thanks to her appearance on Kendrick Lamar’s T.P.A.B. In addition to mentor 9th Wonder, she is also now backed by Jay Z’s Roc Nation. She’s been to The White House and her independent music has gotten strong looks from the mainstream media. However, something that has not altered is Rapsody’s commitment to making reflective songs that promote equality, love, and of course, pure lyricism.

Following last week’s “Fire,” Rap’ returns with more heated tones in “Mad.” Produced by the Soul Council’s Eric G., this song addresses the folks that aren’t so thrilled about the meteoric rise of Rapsody. Despite a decade of dues paid and patiently progressing, R-A-P sees folks that treat her differently—whether it’s people using her kindness or possessions, or MC peers secretly upset that she ended up on one of the biggest albums of the 2010s, and they did not. In the lyrics (like the two passages below), Rapsody pulls zero punches. One verse appears to highlight folks that are mad at her moves, while another examines something of the things that have this decorated MC upset.

Rapsody Brings A Fiery Message Of Strength & Resilience Right On Time (Audio)

Black Love, they still attacking us / Tellin’ us how to feel and react / Chill, you ain’t as Black as us / Wait a minute, watch your tone with me / Don’t come for the throne / Remember youngin’, you ain’t as grown as me / Dot called me for a feature spot / You felt you should’ve been the one, so you treat me funny, I got’chu.

Jamla is the squad and Roc Nation’s still the family, man / You mad you just a family guy, watchin’ real families, mad / The First Family love me, the President say he a fan / They mad that a Black President is the best President we ever had / Tell ’em why you mad, son.” – Rapsody

Given the countdown on Rapsody’s site, Heads appear to have something to look forward to, very soon.

Photo by Creative Silence.