Chance The Rapper & Jeremih Modernize A Jackson 5 Classic For Their Christmas Mixtape (Audio)

Chance The Rapper is honored with the distinction of 2016’s most anticipated and most acclaimed Hip-Hop mixtape. Coloring Book takes the notion of “not for sale music” to the Grammy stages in 2017, thanks to its captivating messages from the Chicago, Illinois MC/singer. Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jay Electronica, and even Justin Bieber are along for the ride in the standout effort.

While Chance kept Heads waiting for some time between Acid Rap and the mixtape also known as “C3,” he surprised legions of fans with Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama. The just-released mixtape is a collaboration with Jeremih, whom Chance has made great music with in the past. The Def Jam singer and Chancellor are both Chi City products, who are able to reach the masses with colorful, honest, and uncompromising tunes.

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“Stranger At The Table” taps into Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back.” With the same themes of looking back at a former fling (with the chorus mostly in tact), the song uses present day vernacular to win over the ex that got away. The song is tender, and tied into holiday feelings, and Christmas themes. This may very well be the jewel of the project. Michael Jackson’s delivery is also at play in “I’m Your Santa.” The track is the latest Windy City serenade that weaves in some step instruction to its irresistible drum beat.

“Joy” features Chance rapping over-top some sparse music with some church organs. Here too, The Rapper makes some Biblical references, as he and Jeremih bring in an homage to the ecstasy of the season.

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Hannibal Burress and NoName Gypsy both make guest appearances on the whimsical nine-track Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama. This sudden attack appears to have something for everybody, as one of the most important music figures in 2016 Hip-Hop celebrates the year that was.