Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede Kicks An Amazing Freestyle & It’s Deeper Than Rap (Video)

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Camp Lo’s Geechi Suede is one of the game’s more consistent lyricists. Without losing a breath, the seasoned Bronx, New York veteran delivers an incredible fast-flow verse, firing off bars like an automatic weapon with a “broken safety.” Using an intricate, multi-syllabic rhyme scheme and his signature highly-coded poetic wordplay, Suede references some of the uglier aspects of street life in its first half: “Down the block is your fate, around the corner’s your destiny, the boulevard’s your graveyard — the avenue’s stabbin’ back at you.

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The deceptively uplifting freestyle switches gears around the 50 second mark, however, with Suede conveying a message of “rehabilitation” and “transformation,” inspired in part by last week’s Ambrosia For Heads piece on TRAP House — a Hartford, Connecticut “business incubator” for former hustlers that aims to help turn their lives around by applying skills acquired in the drug game to legal business endeavors.

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If you want further evidence that Suede will seemingly forever be in his prime, make sure to check out 0.9 NyteLife FM, his dope new collaborative project with producers Sal GuoD ’n’ ReXxX of NyteLife.

#BonusBeat: Suede discussed his new album, timeless-nature and releasing recently-discovered lost Camp Lo demos in celebration of the upcoming 20th anniversary of their seminal Uptown Saturday Night debut with WatchLOUD.

Recently, Geechi, Sonny Cheeba, and Ski Beatz made a video for one of their mid-’90s tracks.