Masta Ace Breaks Down His Mathematics And There Is No Equal (Video)

Masta Ace has established himself as one of the most conceptual rappers in the game time and time again — “from ’88 to infinity,” as he claims, 1988 being the year of his debut on Marley Marl’s classic posse cut “The Symphony.” On the song “Mathematics” off The Falling Season, which was released earlier this year, Ace kicks calculated rhymes using mathematical terminology as inspiration for his punchlines — a proof that his talent has only increased over the past few decades.

Masta Ace Traces His Roots In The Most Autobiographical Song Of His Career (Video)

Just ahead of Ace’s 50th birthday, he drops the Lucrative Sight-directed visuals for “Mathematics” — a montage of old school stock footage with superimposed handwritten equations, fitting for the veteran MC’s timeless work. Given the occasion, the following line from the song is probably most appropriate to quote: “I’m like a fully grown tree when I bare fruit / I’m feeding y’all from the branch to the square root.” Happy Birthday Ace!

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