Waju Wants to Freeze Out Other MCs With His Cold Game. Is His Video Hot Enough?

Raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles by an African-American mother and Sierra Leonean father, Waju (pronounced Wah-joo) is preparing to release a new LP, JuiceBox. Merging elements of veterans like De La Soul with innovations from the likes of Blu, the project is the latest from an MC who has been steadily perfecting his clever punchlines and highly conceptual videos since the age of 12.

On the Huss-produced “Cold Game,” Waju spits threatening bars like “these rappers need to train, ’cause all they’re tracks are on the wrong tracks” and “how I stunt can make a green screen useless,” showing off the deft wordplay he’s known for. In the Aman Showbiz-directed video, he spends a day lounging at the top of his game and performing tricks on a skateboard as inventive as those in his lyrics. The visuals are peppered with tongue-in-cheek references to corny videos from corny rappers, but his message is far from played out.

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Waju may have an APB out for all lesser MCs, but is his music video the ammo he needs? You decide.

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