Remy Ma & Papoose Are Hip-Hop’s Real Bonnie & Clyde. No Couple Has Better Bars (Video)

This week revealed that Remy Ma is going for Grammy Awards for the first time in more than a decade, thanks to her and Fat Joe’s reunion campaign, “All The Way Up.” The First Lady of the Terror Squad has made her biggest and most beloved music with Joe Crack—between long periods apart. However, appearing on Funkmaster Flex’s freestyle segment, Remy splits open the beat on the other crucial man in her life: her husband Papoose.

Rem’ and Pap’ have made a bunch of music together over the years. Records like “Black Love (Remix)” and “What’s My Name” stand out. However, with Flex at their side—these thinkers become lyrical shooters. This is Hip-Hop’s “Bonnie & Clyde” tellin’ you fill up Rem’s bag with props.

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Ma pulls a verse from her phone that goes for the throat of lesser spitters, male and female. Pushing every word with umph, the Bronx, New Yorker takes on a classic Nas instrumental. “See, ya’ whole style is bitten / Pieces ain’t hittin’ / When Nas said ‘it was written’ / Was talkin’ about y’all bitches / Trying to play chess, but why would I play you? / When I can knock the whole fuckin’ board off the table.” Later she says, “I wanted to be an icon / Ended up like Akon / They finally let me out, now I’m an ex-con.” She then merges into a segment going into her 2000s discography, spanning BET Awards, Jay Z collaborations, being the driving force of Love & Hip-Hop (and topping Monday Night Football ratings), and setting an example with “Black Love.” The flow gets feistier as Ma pushes onward. She is finishing a year very strong.

While Remy needs no chaser, Papoose is somebody who can follow with finesse. Flex switches the beat to a Jay Z classic, as he slams down metaphors and punchlines. His verses features gun talk, with B.D.P., Public Enemy, and Mac Miller references. Then, Pap’ breaks into battle-rap mode and gets downright conversational without ever breaking the beat or his flow. The Brooklyn, New York MC owns the moment. In 2016, it is hard to find a Rap couple with better bars.

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It has been more than 10 years since Remy Ma released a solo album. She appears ready to swing for the fences.