Fat Joe & Remy Ma Discuss How Big Pun Is Still Watching Over Them (Video)

Fat Joe and Remy Ma joined The Breakfast Club for a lengthy discussion yesterday (March 4). In fact, it was the longest interview in the show’s history, clocking in at a whopping 78 minutes. The two discussed everything from their tumultuous history to Love & Hip-Hop to their forthcoming collaborative album titled Plata o Plomo (Money or Bullets). While the entire interview is an engaging listen, their reflections on their fallen friend and Terror Squad co-member, Big Pun, were particularly compelling.

Starting at the 32:25 mark, Remy talks about how Pun’s spirit continues to inform her life choices, saying “I think Big Pun is always around me. I feel like a lot of times where I was in certain situations and I had to make decisions, I hear Pun’s inner voice like ‘what I would do is…’ So, I always have that type of energy.” She goes on to say she feels like her work always has to be of a certain quality to properly represent his legacy. “People look at me as someone that comes from him, so I don’t ever want to put out something that’s mediocre,” she muses.

Fat Joe picks up on he sentiments, saying “well, Pun taught me how to rap. So, like, I started before him and I put him in the game, but it wasn’t till I went to the Pun School of Arts that I realized how to make hit records. Before that, I was just underground, killing. I was straight M.O.P.–the Puerto Rican M.O.P.” In expounding on just how integral Pun was in re-shaping his sound, Joe said “he literally would sit me there and be like ‘yo, you gotta talk about girls right now. Right now we gotta talk about this and talk about that…’ And, people don’t understand that I was learning so much from him.” He continues, explaining how even though Pun is gone, his presence lives on, saying “so, when everyone was doubting me when he passed away, they didn’t know what I knew. I had a wealth of knowledge…He pretty much taught me how to write.”

The conversation continues with Joe detailing the first time Pun brought Remy to him and how he felt the first time he heard her rap. Remy also recalls rapping for Pun the first time and how their relationship evolved. She notes that neither Pun nor Joe seemed overly impressed by her, but Joe confirms that each was obviously blown away by her talent.

There are several other noteworthy moments in the interview, including a running theme regarding talent Joe had the opportunity to sign but missed, including Pitbull, Rick Ross and…Eminem.

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