For Wale, Either You’re With Him Or You Get The Heisman (Audio)

From Phife Dawg’s Bo Jackson and Joe Namath name-checking verse on “Scenario” to Kanye West’s “Barry Bonds,” Hip-Hop loves sports (and vice versa). While artists like Master P chased sports dreams, Jay Z has become a sports agent, and former standout athletes like Nelly, GQ, and Ice Cube have found off the field (or court) glory in Rap. Meanwhile, countless athletes (from Allen Iverson to Deion Sanders) have tried to spit bars in the off-season, before returning to their true calling.

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Throughout the last decade, Wale has tied in sports references in many of his raps. Known for attending a litany of high-profile sporting events, the MC shows his affinity for athletics in his own gifts. “Heisman Watch” plays into the concepts heard from GZA (“Labels”) or Elzhi (“Colors”) as the Maybach Music Group star runs down the line of influential athletes (Heisman Award winners, contenders, and beyond) in his wordplay. He plays to the idea, but allows the track to serve as entertaining and engaging to those who don’t religiously watch Sportscenter or tune into college football Saturdays. For those who do, look out for name-checks such as Desmond Howard, Tony Dorsett, Rashaan Salaam, and Bo Jackson (all Heisman winners) as well as guys who were in the close running (Warwick Dunne and “Rocket” Ismail, among others).

In his verse, Wale also recalls his days as a Running Back for Robert Morris University and Virginia State University. His was nimble on the field. Now, Folarin is fast-cutting with the bars.

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This is the fourth song Wale has released this month. Two of those tracks, both recorded to existing beats, have gotten music videos.