An Argument For Why Andre 3000 Is The Greatest MC Of All-Time (Video)

Who is the greatest MC of all-time? That is an age old question that has caused debates since Hip-Hop’s inception, and which likely will continue for as long as rappers pick up mics. Rap is a competitive sport, steeped in battles for superiority, stemming back to the days of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Furious Five. So, it follows that the title of the greatest would be important to participants and listeners, alike. In 2014, Ambrosia For Heads launched its own competition in which millions of knowledgeable readers weighed in on who they thought was the top MC. Eminem took those honors, but, still, the debate rages on.

What Makes Eminem The GOAT To So Many?

Over the last year, HipHopDX has hosted a video series in which they make arguments for worthy MCs being the GOAT. Past subjects have included Redman, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar and, of course, Em, among others. The most recent MC is one of the culture’s most revered: Andre 3000.

There is no question 3 Stacks is one of the greatest artists of all-time, in any genre. However, his name is not mentioned in GOAT conversations as often as some of his peers’ are, like Nas, Jay Z, Biggie, Em and Tupac. DX’s Justin Hunte cuts straight to the number one knock against Andre, which is that he has never released a solo album. His closest endeavor was his dedicated half of OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. That being said, as Hunte points out, as one half of ‘Kast, 3000 has enjoyed some of the most success of any MC, solo or otherwise. In 9 years, he and Big Boi released 5 albums, which sold more than 25 million copies, and many of which are considered classics. What’s more, Andre has the respect of his greatest peers, as Hunte notes that Jay Z, Nas and Scarface, GOATs in their own right, all have publicly proclaimed that 3000 is in their top 5.

Who Is The Greatest Hip-Hop Producer Of All-Time?

Though Andre’s output has dramatically decreased since he and Big Boi split, when he has decided to drop verses, they are often some of the most potent of the year. As Hunte mentions, since 2007, 3 Stacks has released a string of guest verses that may be unrivaled in that 10-year period. From UGK to Frank Ocean, Andre has stolen the spotlight from the best of them, when he is invited to join a record.

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Perhaps the most compelling argument in favor of Andre Benjamin’s GOAT status, however, is his total and absolute uniqueness. His style has defied all conventions, particularly for Hip-Hop, which has more than its fair share of conformists and “Mr. Me Too’s.” 3 Stacks has always marched to the beat of his own drum–wearing what he wanted to wear, whether jersey or dress, and trading in his golden flow to sing his lines, when so inclined. Plainly and simply, Andre 3000 is one of a kind.

The video is packed with footage and facts arguing the case. Whether or not Andre is THE GOAT, he is certainly one that deserves to be considered.