Cassidy Doesn’t Even Need a Beat To Outrap MCs, Bar None (Video)

Opening up 2017 with what can already be deemed one of the year’s most impressive freestyles, Cassidy was Funkmaster Flex’s latest guest at Hot97 and delivered yet another scorcher. Heads may recall that on January 4, the Philadelphia MC blacked out for some extemporaneous flows over a handful of beats but this time around, he needed no musical accompaniment whatsoever.

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Before beginning, Cassidy says he would like to go a cappella, saying Heads already know he can rap over beats. “I wanna do a lil’ somethin’ different, ’cause I am BARs” (Cassidy was born Barry Adrian Reese). Diving headfirst into the a cappella, Cass’ raps “I ball, but I ain’t got a locker/I just got a lotta work, a lotta Percs/A lotta loud and a lotta choppers,” but shortly thereafter, the rhymes get far more complex. “I seen Aki eat the ackee and the eyeballs out the soft fish/That boy sick, he’ll grip the jawn and fire at your grill/Til it’s hot enough to make some jerk chicken on,” he raps. And that’s all in the first minute of the affair.

Even Flex, who can often be seen interrupting his guests, is left speechless for much of the performance. On Twitter, Cassidy promoted his Funk Flex freestyle, adding the news that he and Swizz Beatz have an EP “coming soon.”