DJ Crazy Toones, Producer/Member of WC & The Maad Circle Has Passed Away

News today has broken that DJ Crazy Toones (born Lamar Dupré Calhoun) has passed away. An accomplished DJ and producer, Toones joined Coolio as a member of WC & The Maad Circle for much of the 1990s. The real-life brother of WC, Crazy Toones worked closely with Westside Connection and Lench Mob Records, also served as Ice Cube’s most recent official tour DJ.

Ice Cube’s son, actor and MC O’Shea Jackson, Jr., rapper King T, as well as co-founder of Tha Outlawz, E.D.I. are among those who have reacted publicly, confirming the DJ/producer’s death on social media. The details and cause of death are not known at this time. UPDATE: Chad Kiser notified Ambrosia For Heads that Crazy Toones’ death is believed to be caused by heart attack.


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Over his nearly 30-year career, Toones produced Westside Connection single “Let It Reign.” He also worked extensively on Mack 10’s 1995 self-titled debut. In 2006, the producer released The CT Experience. The independent DVD album featured Cube, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Kurupt, Xzibit, King T, and more. The video and audio collection included Kurupt and Soopafly single, “Gangbang Music.” In 1995, Toones released mixtape, That Nigga’s Crazy, featuring some of his scratch routines:

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More than six years ago, West Coast turntablist peer DJ Revolution interviewed Crazy Toones about the close connections he and WC had to N.W.A.:

Ambrosia For Heads extends condolences to WC, the Maad Circle, and the other family of DJ Crazy Toones, as well as his friends and fans.