WC Is Sometimes Overlooked In Conversations About West Coast Giants. Not Tonight (Video)

For nearly 30 years, WC has been a West Coast lyrical giant. Whether in the form of Low Profile, The MaaD Circle, Westside Connection, or his impressive solo career, the South Central Los Angeles, California native MC has been able to make it work, and let the flows shine.

1995 was a transitional time for Dub’. Signed to Payday Records, WC and the MaaD Circle had changed drastically since their 1991 debut, Ain’t A Damn Thang Changed. The group’s hype-man, Coolio, had signed a solo deal via Tommy Boy Records, and arguably eclipsed the group around him in just one successful album. With that, he bounced from the group—and made a lone cameo on sophomore Curb Servin’. The other loose collective of Sir Jinx and Chilly Chill had also stepped beyond the group during the four previous years. The Circle had tightened, to just WC (who had never released a solo album), Crazy Toones, and Big Gee. The sophomore album presumably had low expectations given the hiatus, the personnel shifts, and the now dominant West Coast forces of a whole new crop of MTV-savvy talent. Ironically, the MaaD Circle would prove to be influential to the biggest West Coast Hip-Hop star of the 2010s.

As he has done throughout his career, WC (along with Toones and Gee) put his skills out, and went for broke. Curb Servin’ is arguably the better of two MaaD Circle albums—a balance of Gangsta Rap, racial discourse, and brandishing West Coast talent. Video single “The One” suggests the crew’s originality. Produced by Toones, the song is a Marvin Gaye-soulful celebration of pride and style. Dub flips words like a juggling act—speaking in a code that makes sense, but clearly requires art. The Low Profile alum is just that—low profile, but a commanding MC who never chased trends, or the spotlight. In the video—the character of Dub has a field day on police. Although his acting merits have largely been relegated to “Hood Flicks” since, this was the same year that Willie Calhoun played his part in Friday.

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The video is a quirky take on the low-ridin’, C-walkin’ Dub settling the score with local police officers. Although WC is risky penitentiary chances, this is a whimsical video from an artist who was less than a year away from his first platinum plaque, thanks to Westside Connection.

While The MaaD Circle would not release another album in the next 21 years, WC and Crazy Toones remain collaborators on each’s solo works.

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