Joey Bada$$’s 1 Minute Freestyle Goes Long In Staying Woke (Video)

Joey Bada$$’s 2016 single “Devastated” was recently certified gold. The Brooklyn, New Yorker’s plaque came from music a bit different than what got the Pro Era MC to the mainstream in the first place. However, make no mistake about it: “Joseph Badmon” is still spitting the kind of lines that made him a standout sensation of the 2010s, and he’s doing it in the mainstream.

For GQ magazine, Joey kicks a one-minute freestyle that is incredibly woke. “What’s freedom to you? / Let’s talk about it, take a minute, think it through / ‘Cause I’m all about it, but the concept seems new / Cops still shoot us down on Channel 5 news / Lock us up for anything we do to pay dues / Some of us woke, while some stay snoozed / Zombies walkin’ around, trippin’ over they shoes / The knowledge is official, but it’s often misused,” begins the bars from the Sony Red-backed MC. The visual features some animated overlays that effectively trace his bars during a mag’ photo-shoot.

Joey Bada$$ Fans Should Not Be Devastated. He Didn’t Sell Out… (Video)

According to his label, Joey will drop “Land Of The Free” tomorrow (January 20).