Joey Bada$$ Celebrates Life Despite All Of Its Tragedies (Video)

Just last month, Joey Bada$$ made his television debut on the critically acclaimed USA series “Mr. Robot” in which he plays a philosophical young sage who is able to bestow advice well beyond his years. That’s also been an element in much of the Brooklyn, New York rapper’s music, and his name is often mentioned when discussing the most visionary artists of Hip-Hop’s youngest generations. The same goes for “Devastated,” a track though decidedly different sounding than most of his catalog is nonetheless inspirational, motivating, and celebratory.

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Today (August 10), the Pro Era leader has dropped a video for the song (which he directed himself), and it’s a portrayal of life’s simple pleasures – hanging out with friends at the local school’s football game, joining droves of friends for a lively block party, and marching in the streets in celebration of our being here, together, right now. It’s subdued, but the sequence during the breakdown of the song provides some pretty powerful imagery in the new video: that of Joey standing atop a New York City building’s roof, looking down in a moment of silent introspection. Heads may recall that in 2012, his longtime friend and Pro Era partner Capital STEEZ ended his own life from the rooftop of a Manhattan building and the tragic loss of his friend has been a frequent point of reference in much of Joey’s music since.

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It’s with that loss – and the loss of his cousin Junior B in 2014 – that makes this Joey’s triumph song, and the inclusion of so many young people in its visual treatment fosters a sense of togetherness during a time when heated division seems to be a prominent take away from headlines these days.

His inclusion of others in delivering the song’s message – which, despite its title, is uplifting – didn’t end with the video. To celebrate its release, Joey will be driving around his hometown in a bus to unveil the video in several different locations. “Devastated” has been performing well on the radio, so if there’s a new LP in his near future, it could prove to be his most successful project to date.