Kxng Crooked Says Kellyanne Conway Should Rap Since She Lies Like Most MCs (Audio)

It’s been a particularly unusual first week of a new president’s tenure. Since being sworn in on January 20, Donald Trump and his staff have said and done things that have angered millions of Americans. Entertaining as some of it may be, under all of it lie serious implications, with many fearing the United States is headed towards an unmitigated tyranny. “Alternative facts” is one such humorous-yet-ominous development out of the Trump administration. It’s a phrase that was used by Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway, who during a Meet the Press interview came to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s defense and explained his presenting objectively false statistics about the size of Trump’s inaugural audience by saying “you’re saying it’s a falsehood, and our press secretary, Sean Spicer, gave alternative facts to that.”

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Pretty soon, #AlternativeFacts took over Twitter, inspiring millions to poke fun at the ridiculousness of Conway’s statement – and by extension, the Trump presidency. But below the humorous social-media reaction are very serious issues, namely that blatant lies are being pawned off as truths, a scary precedent being set by one of the most powerful people on the planet. In that spirit, KXNG Crooked has released “Alternative Facts,” a direct hit at Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump, and the wider establishment they represent. In it, he argues that if people in such positions of authority are able to bastardize the truth with impunity, why not the rest of us? “Your boyfriend ask if you’ve been cheatin’? Give him alternative facts/The cops pull you over, ‘sir have you been drinking?’/Give ’em alternative facts,” begins the Slaughterhouse MC.

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During the first verse, Crooked remains steadfastly sarcastic, spitting alternative facts like “Donald Trump is an honorable guy,” “Kanye’s so modest and shy,” and arguing for the use of bald-faced fibs to get out of everything. But it’s in the second verse he mentions Conway. “You gotta learn to act like these conservatives act/Like Kellyanne Conway, she got alternative facts/She lies so well, she should learn how to rap.” But it isn’t just politicians who find themselves in Crook’s sarcastic crosshairs. “‘Cause in this era, she would murder it,” he raps, adding “Hip-Hop’s alive cause these wack rappers preservin’ it.”

“Alternative Facts” arrives just one day after KXNG Crooked released a freestyle atop Kanye West’s “Real Friends.”