LL Cool J & Dr. Dre Have Over 10 Songs Completed According To LL’s DJ

In early 2016, Hip-Hop Heads were teased with a vicious LL Cool J freestyle over top of some fresh Dr. Dre production. Two of Hip-Hop’s 32-plus-year professional veterans, James Todd Smith and Andre Young have been rumored to be up to something together. L’s DJ and collaborator, Z-Trip, just spilled some beans on what he heard.

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“It’s fucking dope man! It’s dope,” the Phoenix, Arizona native DJ told HipHopDX in an interview published today (January 23). “[LL Cool J] played me like five or six things and he’s like ‘Man, we got eight or nine other things.’ I think what they do is they just sit down and bang out however many tracks they make and at the end of that whole process they’ll probably gonna figure out which ones are the best ones.” Z-Trip worked on scratches and some production from LL’s most recent LP, 2013’s Authentic. The two began touring together in 2016. “[LL Cool J] doesn’t do much more than one or two takes and some overdubs,” noted the artist who appeared in Doug Pray’s Scratch documentary. “Those guys probably have plenty more tracks I haven’t heard yet but the ones he did play for me are killer.”

In March of last year, Cool J spoke about reuniting with D-R-E for the first time in 18 years. “[DJ] Pooh had asked me to do a drop, and I was like, ‘A drop? If we’re going to do that, you might as well let me spit something.’ Dre was like, ‘Oh, word?’ And he got the titanium laptop, came back and put that joint on. That was all she wrote, man. I just grabbed a pencil, a piece of paper and knocked it out. In 15, 20 minutes, that’s what it was.”

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The full HipHopDX conversation with Z-Trip analyzes some of his techniques and touring history with Uncle L. No release date or album title has been given by Dre or LL.

#BonusBeat: Z-Trip and LL Cool J rocking live in 2015:

This is courtesy of Z-Trip.