BBD Choose The Night Of Their New Edition Biopic To Show They’re Still Betta (Video)

Tonight, the long-awaited New Edition biopic, The New Edition Story, premieres on BET. The 3-part, 6-hour film promises to tell the story of the family, feuds and betrayal that defined New Edition as they grew from boys to men. Members of the group have been involved with the project every little step of the way and, from the looks of sneak peeks for the mini-series, the film will be raw and unfiltered.

The New Edition Story Pulls No Punches. This Clip With BBD Throws Them.

Of the many plot twists and developments that comprise the N.E. story, one of the biggest surprises came with the advent of BBD. In the several years leading up to the formation of the spin-off group consisting of Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe, members Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill were generally viewed as New Edition’s frontmen. Ricky handled the high harmonies, Ron rapped and was an extraordinary dancer, and Biv held down much of the business for the group, in addition to his background responsibilities. As Bobby had left the group early in its existence and Ralph and Johnny were both pursuing solo albums, Mike, Rick and Ron were left to their own devices. Rather than wait it out to see if and when the others returned, however, they opted to take their destinies into their own hands and, in doing so, ended up creating one of the biggest hits ever for New Edition, or any of its offshoots, with “Poison.”

25 Years Ago Today, Bell Biv DeVoe Made A Poisonous, Everlasting Hit (Video)

When BBD’s album of the same name of their monster single was released in 1990, it ushered in a whole new sound that had been building since the late 80s. The trio took the New Jack Swing pioneered by Teddy Riley and added a “pop feel appeal” to it, through bottom-heavy productions by Dr. Freeze and The Bomb Squad. That sound, their impeccable choreography, and a fashion style that influenced TLC and an entire wave of artists translated into a formula of success for Bell Biv DeVoe that made their names known to all, thereafter.

Biv & DeVoe Host A BET Cypher With Some New Editions Of Their Empire (Video)

Twenty-five years later, BBD are returning with new music, and they are still in fine form. Their new album, Three Stripes, hits stores and streaming services on Friday (January 27), and their singles, “Run,” “Finally,” and “I’m Betta,” show they have not lost a step. The latter is their most recent release and was produced by Naughty By Nature beat maker, Kay Gee. Leveraging the same sample Biz Markie used to add the bounce to his song “Pickin’ Boogers,” the song pairs the same combination of Hip-Hop and Soul that has won for BBD time and time again.

As The New Edition Story foretells, competition is no stranger to the members of the group. In fact, it seems to have pushed them all to reach greater heights, both individually and collectively. Thus, it’s likely not a coincidence that BBD have chosen to release their video for “I’m Betta” on the night the mini-series premieres. The visuals show them on the road, promoting their film, dancing and eternally grinding.

Who was your favorite of all the pieces that make up New Edition, or did you like them best as a whole?