Nick Grant Has The Respect Of Hip-Hop’s Greats Because He’s Earned It (Video)

Last Friday (January 13), Nick Grant released his debut album, Return of the Cool. However, as his latest music video indicates, he has been a student of Hip-Hop for years in the making.

“Luxury Vintage Rap” finds Nick in a hoodie, in a grimy corridor of a falling apart house. As he kicks ill linguistics about the charge he hopes to bring to Hip-Hop (a term which he sprays on the wall), he uses graffiti, a sometimes forgotten element of the culture, to pay homage to those who came before him and influenced his style. He spray paints names like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, Tupac, KRS-One, Biggie and DJ Premier, showing a broad knowledge of the history of Rap music.

Nick Grant Makes His Network TV Debut & Brings Down the House (Video)

On one hand, he can drop cinematic visuals that play to wide audiences. However, after this, the B-Boy is also on full display for this 88er.