O.C. Is A Great MC. He Makes A Song About What Makes A Good Man (Audio)

In early 2016, Diggin’ In The Crates started promoting their Sessions album with a series of Monday song releases. Some of those tracks made the self-released album and some were just pieces for D.I.T.C. Heads to enjoy. That formula appears to be upheld for O.C.’s Same Moon Same Sun. Releasing later this month (January 30), “OCizzle” drops his second single in as many weeks, “Good Man.”

With a slow bassline and some vocal interplay, the veteran introspective lyricist looks at life and the choices he has made to remain on the right path. Some of the bar appear to be specifically autobiographical, as O’ chronicles his sports interests and the streets’ allure, while choosing a strong work ethic to provide for his family.

O.C. Has A New Album Coming. The First Song Is SERIOUS (Audio)

This song is produced by Soul-Tronik. This is the New York vet’s first album since 2015’s Dive In collaboration EP with Debonair P.