Ras Kass’ Powerful New Video Shows The Chilling Reality Of Our Amerikkkan Horror Story

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States, Ras Kass is unveiling the video for “Amerikkkan Horror Story.” And why not? Trump’s campaign has been plagued with ties to a White nationalist (read: White supremacy) movement, and with a presidential cabinet comprised overwhelmingly of White men, the next four years are shaping up to be a nightmare for a progressive movement towards equality. Playing off the hugely successful American Horror Story television anthology series, Ras’s latest record and video are an homage to the real-life horror show that is American politics.

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Premiering today (January 19) on Ambrosia for Heads, “Amerikkkan Horror Story” examines the relationship between the media, politicians, citizens, consumers, and Black America. Opening with the somber voices of a choir, the song features Ras’ brilliant lyricism as he excoriates the power structure, commenting on America’s racist, revisionist, war-mongering, and criminal history. On Barack Obama’s penultimate day as President, Ras Kass laments  “the change that never was” while rapping about the “Whitelash” and that “White supremacy fights back.” Images of police brutality, civilian protest, burning flags, and Jesus Christ dominate the video’s first half, which plays in conjunction with the Nottz-produced beat.

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However, it’s a two-part offering, and as the Olympicks’s production for the song’s second half kicks in, so does a change in visual approach. Van Jones’s words emanate from a CNN segment on a TV set before a collection of the same kind of pointed imagery from part one appears.

For more protest music inspired by Trump and the looming dread his administration brings, Heads should check out the “Anti-Inaugural Ball” led by Prophets of Rage.