The Internet’s Syd Shows It All In Solo Single “Body” (Audio)

Syd The Kid is no kid. One of the standouts of Odd Future (aka OFWGKTA) and one half of The Internet continues to make some of the most sophisticated R&B/Pop music in the space. Gearing up towards her solo debut Fin, the Los Angeles, California native releases latest single, “Body.”

Following “All About Me” ( the lead video single released earlier this month), “Body” makes it all about the other person. This romantic, deeply sensual track follows a couple’s most private moments. Without being raunchy, Syd presents a graphic, meaningful account of being fully connected with someone else. Just as she’s done on some of The Internet’s better offerings, and appearances with KAYTRANADA and Mac Miller, the singer shows her smooth vocals with a wide range with lots of care. The synth-driven production makes the moment all the more glamorous and dreamy.

Notice the slow breaths embedded in the beat for maximum effect.

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Fin comes February 3 through Columbia/Sony Records.