Brother Ali Reveals The Title & Release Date Of His New Album & Releases Its 1st Single (Audio)

Yesterday (February 27), a Brother Ali video called “Pen To Paper” emerged. It revealed that the Minneapolis, Minnesota veteran MC is plotting his return. One of the most respected, recognized, and successful members of the Rhymesayers crew dropped poignant bars in a track that was less than three minutes long. Within, he talked about being profiled by the federal government, his lyrics and views compromising some of his sponsorships, and his deep affinity for Blastmasta KRS-One, who gave Ali some powerful advice young in his career.

A day later, R.S.E. reveals the details of what Ali is up to. May 5’s All The Beauty In This Whole Life finds the artist reuniting with producer Ant (Atmosphere). The pair who were together for Ali’s first four albums are the battery for all 15 tracks. “Each of my albums are the result of the pain, growth and eventual healing that I experience. Articulating the pain and navigating the healing allows the people who really feel my music to travel with me. It’s not only that we hurt together, we heal together as well,” Ali notes in a press statement. Guests include some of Rhymesayers’ newer artists, deM Atlas and Sa-Roc, as well as Amir Sulaiman.

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“This entire album is based on the reality that beauty is the splendor of truth” the MC says in a press statement.”Beauty in all of its forms is the outward manifestation of love and virtue. It soothes the soul and pulls it gently toward the truth it communicates. Every word and note of this album is intended to either reflect beauty, or expose the ugliness that blocks us from living lives of meaning.” He closes, “In times of great suffering in the outside world, the most important battles start from within.”

Now, Ali releases the audio to second single in as many days. “Own Light (What Hearts Are For)” finds the battle-savvy MC at peace. He raps about love (of self and others), drawing inspiration from Muhammad Ali, and staying “lit” through inner-light. In the player is the album’s artwork:

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The tracklisting for All The Beauty In This Whole Life:

1. Pen To Paper (ft. Amir Sulaiman)
2. Own Light (What Hearts Are For)
3. Special Effects (ft. deM Atlas)
4. Can’t Take That Away
5. Dear Black Son
6. We Got This (ft. Sa-Roc)
7. Uncle Usi Taught Me
8. Pray For Me
9. It Ain’t Easy
10. Never Learn
11. Tremble
12. Before They Called You White
13. The Bitten Apple (ft. Idris Philips)
14. Out Of Here
15. All The Beauty In This Whole Life

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#BonusBeat: Brother Ali discussing this album in a promotional video:

The singles are notably tracks 1 and 2 of the album. Perhaps “Special Effects” will follow next…

Photograph from Brother Ali’s Instagram via RMS Media.