Faith Evans & Biggie Celebrate Both Coasts On Collabos With Jadakiss & Snoop (Audio)

Faith Evans had a momentous year in 2016. She and Lil Kim made peace, she joined Puff Daddy on a nationwide Bad Boy & Family tour, celebrating 20 years of the venerable label, and she announced she would be releasing a new collaboration album featuring her vocals alongside rare verses from her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G.

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The album will be titled The King & I. After some fits and starts, the first two releases have officially surfaced. One song, “NYC,” is a slinky, soulful burner celebrating the city that birthed Big, and which helped Faith get famous. Biggie’s vocals were pulled from an unreleased song titled “Mumbling & Whispering,” and the song features Jadakiss spitting a verse showing his love for the Big Apple.

The second release is an ode to the Cali love that Biggie also shared. Fittingly, it pulls Big’s verse from “Going Back To Cali,” and, with some precise editing, it weaves in new vocals from Snoop Dogg that make it seem like the Long Beach MC and Brooklyn’s Finest are truly going back and forth.

Fans may have been skeptical when the album was first announced, but these first offerings are a great start.