From Kane To Whodini, This Mix Celebrates Hip-Hop & Love (Audio)

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To those who celebrate it, Valentine’s Day is about showing love to the ones you care about. While stores, radio stations, and restaurants pull out the love songs, nothing says that it cannot some really great Hip-Hop music.

Genevan Heathen & Arnaud D compiled 34 Rap songs spanning the years of 1987 to 1993. Within, Heads will hear a lot of music that may not be previously familiar with. However, from LL Cool J’s archetype Rap romance hit “I Need Love” to one of the pioneers of wooing the ladies with the mic device (Spoonie Gee) to some ill ladies (J.J. Fad) this mix brings it, like flower delivery. Heads can even indulge in some Big Daddy Kane and Whodini seduction on a mix that shows MCs can be sensitive in their themes, but still rugged in some of their deliveries.

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Here is the tracklist:

01. Intro

02. LL Cool J – I Need Love (1987)

03. Leslie L. Mondy (aka LL Mondy) – You Had Love (1987)

04. MC Ade – Romantic Rhyme (1987)

05. Black, Rock & Ron – True Feelings (1987)

06. King Sun – Hey Love (1987)

07. Tuff Crew – Art of Love (1987)

08. EZB & DJ Los – Girl, You’re My Destiny (1988)

09. Hustle Z and MC Cool P – Girl I’m So In Love With You (1989)

10. Big Daddy Kane – The Day You’re Mine (1988)

11. Tony Tee – It’s Real (1988)

12. J.J. Fad – Is It Love (1988)

13. True Mathematics – Be My Girl (1988)

14. Awesome L – Love (Forget About It) (1989)

15. Bobcat – She Wanted To Share Her Lovin’ (1989)

16. MC Pooh – Love TKO (1990)

17. Gigolo Tony – I Want You (1989)

18. Doctor Ice – True Confessions (1989)

19. Kings of Pressure – Call Me On The Telephone (1989)

20. Funky Illness – This Is For Real (1989)

21. Commercial Break 1

22. Miami Boyz – Forever Stand By Me (1988)

23. MC Shy D – I Don’t Want To Treat You Wrong (1988)

24. Baby T and Devious D – The Real Thing (1991)

25. Red Bandit – I Want You To Be My Girl (1990)

26. Spoonie Gee – My Girl (1987)

27. Baby T and Devious D – Something Mellow (1991)

28. III Most Wanted – My Love Is True (1989)

29. Commercial Break 2

30. Whodini – You Take My Breathe Away (1987)

31. Doctor Ice – Love Jones (1989)

32. Rated X – Be Cool To Your Girl (1990)

33. 187 Fac – My Way Or The High Way (1993)

34. Fat Boys – Falling in Love (Instrumental) (1987)

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Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, from Ambrosia For Heads.