New Edition’s Story Of Growth & Evolution Is Told Through This Mister Cee Mix

Last month, New Edition was the talk of television, thanks to a three-night film chronicling their beginnings, meteoric rise, and current state of the group. In conjunction with The New Edition Story, an offshoot of the group, Bell Biv DeVoe also released their first album in more than 15 years.

Thanks to both developments, the group spoke to press about coming back together to produce the film, the various ups and downs of the nearly 40-year history, and more. As much as anytime in the 2000s, the world is valuing the Boston, Massachusetts collective, and their massive contributions to R&B-Pop, and popular culture in general.

Bell, Biv & DeVoe Reveal New Edition’s Fights Were Even Worse In Real Life (Video)

Mister Cee has been a deeply trustworthy DJ in paying respects to artists living and dead. This past week (January 26), the Brooklyn, New Yorker known for his work with Biggie Smalls and Big Daddy Kane dedicated a mix to New Edition.

Bell Biv DeVoe Choose The Night Of Their New Edition Biopic To Show They’re Still Betta (Video)

The mix features the hits, some album cuts, and some blending and remixing on the part of Mister Cee “The Finisher.” This story is all told under two turntable needles, and has plenty of highlights.