Method Man Shows The Sky’s The Limit With Another High-Powered Verse (Audio)

While Heads keep waiting for a new solo album, Method Man continues to provide us with exciting content in the form of guest appearances. From his recent work on Masta Killa’s “Therapy” to January’s feature on Dave East’s “Eviction,” the Wu-Tang MC continues to remind fans that he’s never not working. For his latest verse, Meth hops on some heat from Wu affiliate Hanz On, the seasoned rapper from Staten Island Heads may remember from his 2013 album, Method Man Presents: Hannibal The Great. Together, the two soar on “Big Sky,” which will appear on a new project arriving next month.

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Starting off his verse with “What I write, fatality type/I keep it real, but y’all still reality bite,” Method Man is in typical form, delivery buttery smooth bars that still manage to cut deep. “Go ahead and call it what you like, just get my salary right/I can tell ’em they’re paper thin, but that would be light/Tell the Judas to never cross me, ’cause that would be Christ,” he boasts. Hanz On, meanwhile, introduces the song by rapping “I’m not committing crimes, homie/All I wanna do is shine, homie,” injecting the record with the positive uplift it uses to take flight.

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“Big Sky” will be featured on Hanz On’s Barca project, scheduled for release on his own Hanz On Music imprint on March 17.