Token’s Rhymes Are So Sick He’s Even Killing Himself (Video)

Last year, Salem, Massachusetts MC Token released his debut mixtape, Eraser Shavings. Including production by Nottz and Clinton Sparks, the LP was a dazzling display of lyrics, fierce flows, and clever concepts from the realities of a teenage MC documenting the world around him.

Since that release, Token’s skills have only grown. This week, as he heads overseas on a European tour with Hopsin, the rapper drops “Doozy.” The video single is all new, and a callback to those exciting videos and deliveries that took a teen with skills and a dream, and made him a true professional, gathering co-signs from the likes of Joell Ortiz and Sway Calloway.

Token Explains His Journey As An MC & How Music Saved His Life (Video)

In the visual, Token plays many parts: an assassin, a therapist, and even a hater. In his verse, the MC tackles why he turns down more feature offers than he accepts, why he wants somebody to challenge his rhyme prowess, and even pokes fun at his own physical features (with a self-deprecating zoom-in on the nose). The whole time, the rhyming is deeply intense, and the flow refuses to let up. This is an assault of bars that will be warmly embraced by lovers of lyricism.

Last year, Token also rhymed alongside Big Daddy Kane, Snow Tha Product, Chris Rivers, and Joell in the final mix of “Kill At Will.” That track began on Ortiz’s That’s Hip Hop LP.