Big Daddy Kane Releases His Best Verse In A Decade. He Still Kills At Will (Video)

In February of this year, Joell Ortiz and producer Domingo released the song, “Kill At Will.” The standout track, with its Big Daddy Kane “Set It Off” cut-in at the chorus, is included on the That’s Hip Hop album. The single showcased a hungry, fresh-faced MC Token, who had previously worked with the Slaughterhouse member at the Grind Mode Cypher. Seven days later, an amended version released, with Atlantic Records lyricist Snow Tha Product added to the posse cut. By May, when the animated video followed, Bronx, New Yorker Chris Rivers jumped in with his own devastating verse. Notably, producer Domingo had worked closely with Rivers’ father, Big Pun.

Today, Ambrosia For Heads premieres the “Kill At Will: The Final Chapter” animated music video. The song with the Horror film-inspired beat and title plays out like a Friday The 13th and Halloween franchise. On top of that, when it comes to slashing verses, this pinnacle rendition of the song features a complete appearance from the legendary Prince Of Darkness himself, Big Daddy Kane.

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Kane does kill at will, with a set of bars that truly stands as tall as any he has released in the last decade. With Domingo referencing the Marley Marl classic, B.D.K. is out to show that no one is equal in 2016—all while making Ortiz, Token, Rivers, and Snow shine all the brighter.

The five-minute video is animated by Matt Cassero, who did the first visual in the expanding saga. It plays on 1980s Grindhouse style slasher films. Joell plays “Jason Vorhees,” while riding shotgun in Token’s killer Cadillac. Some of the lyrics are cleverly drawn out in the visual. Token plays “Michael Myers,” and Chris is Nightmare On Elm Street‘s “Freddy Krueger,” literally on board for the Rap ride. The reveal comes when Kane is shown in the backseat, as the entourage drives to bring havoc to “Def Tone Records,” leaving an exec shaking while he still has a head on his torso. Snow then appears as “Leatherface,” from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Five MCs, lots of lyrical terror, and a true bloodbath of bars.

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This mix will appear on That’s Hip Hop: Generation Next (October 14).


To be released by Domingo, this upcoming album includes appearances by Chris Rivers, Token, Oswin Benjamin, Denzil Porter, Whispers, Thanos, Nutso, Zooka Joe, and more.