A Tribe Called Quest Premiere The Video For “Dis Generation” With An Assist From Busta Rhymes

When A Tribe Called Quest released their final album, We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service, in November, one of the standout songs was “Dis Generation.” The record featured the kind of crate-digging samples and kinetic back and forth interplay between Q-Tip and Phife that had powered so many ATCQ classics before it. Jarobi also contributed deft bars and, frequent Tribe collaborator Busta Rhymes, also made his mark. Today (March 30), ATCQ premiere the video for the track, via Noisey, and it is the type of artistic visual that has defined the legendary group, over the years.

A Tribe Called Quest Resist For ALL OF US At The Grammys (Video)

Directed by Hiro Murai, who has helmed the visuals for a number of episodes of Atlanta, the video is slickly shot in black and white and showcases endless motion in which Tip, Jarobi, Busta and Ali Shaheed Muhammad all have prominent roles. While Phife Dawg’s presence is sorely missed, his vocals are an integral part of the song.

In the way the MCs deliver their vocals on “Dis Generation,” Q-Tip told Noisey “Well, I think that over the past years we’ve seen, in hip-hop, a focus on the individual MC. Of course there’s a whole heap of collaborations. It’s not to suggest that collaborations don’t exist. It’s a very old tradition for MCs coming up in New York or coming up back in the day, whether you’re part of a crew or not, to say lines together or finish off lines. It’s something that, it’s almost like a Voltron kind of premise, where you have, as individuals, we all are strength, but together we are might. And to really exploit the fact that there are four of us on the record by trading off those bars like that. And it’s also just in terms of the economy of the song, you get to still have everybody represented in a good fashion within a reasonable amount of time.”

Check out Q-Tip’s full interview with Noisey here.