Two Dave Chappelle Comedy Specials Are Coming In March. Here’s The Trailer (Video)

Late last year, news broke that comedian Dave Chappelle was releasing his first stand-up special in 12 years. Three different programs were confirmed, with at least two planned for 2017. While the Half Baked star and creator of Chappelle’s Show has not been active in the format of specials or series in a dozen calendars, Dave has been actively returning to the stage.

Netflix, who worked with Chris Rock and Chris Tucker on their respective specials, secured the specials. Today, it has been announced that the first two of the three full-length comedy specials will arrive on March 21. They will be posting on the video streaming platform at the same time.

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A 27-second black-and-white trailer released. It shows Dave sitting, smoking, and symbolically signaling his return.