Dr. Octagon’s Album To Reissue As Box Set With 5 Unreleased Songs

Dr. Octagon is making some serious waves in 2017. Twenty years after the group went public (with a lengthy hiatus), things are really heating up. The duo of MC Kool Keith and producer Dan The Automator (along with DJ Qbert) had recently announced two California dates, the same state where they recorded the 1996 Dr. Octagonecologyst. Taking place tonight (March 6) and tomorrow, these sold out shows are the first-ever with the three artists, together.

Last week it was also announced that Keith, Dan, and QBert will all be performing at May 28’s Soundset Festival in Minneapolis, presumably with more dates coming. Additionally, it has now been announced that Get On Down Records is releasing a Dr. Octagon box-set with five previously unreleased songs. The collector’s item ships in early May.

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According to a press release, the new goods include three songs recorded during the original Octagon sessions but never released on any other editions of the album: “Astro Embalming Fluid,” “Redeye,” and “I’ll Be There For You.” Additionally, the box features “Wild And Crazy” and “I’m Destructive,” both done by Dan The Automator in 2016.


“That album got me in tax trouble. But naw, it means a lot to give the fans what they been waiting for [after] so long. Some people were teenagers when [Dr. Octagonecologyst] dropped. Now, some of them are 40 and over,” Keith told Ambrosia For Heads in February.  In a press statement, Keith further captured the spirit of Dr. Oct’: “Other groups might have needed to be on drugs to attempt a record like Dr. Octagon, but I was eating potato chips when we made it. Yoo-Hoos and donuts. It was one big spaceship and everyone was riding. Me and Automator were Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk.” In 2006, the MC independently made The Return Of Dr. Octagon. Dan, as well as ’90s featured guests QBert and Sir Menelik were not involved. Previously, Keith’s late ’90s “Dr. Dooom” persona killed the “Dr. Octagon” character.

The 3LP, 28-track collection sprawls beyond the original 19 cuts, as released on Dan’s Bulk Records LP (Dreamworks would later re-released the LP).  The outer package of the set is housed in a custom-made octagonal box, with original front (artwork designed by Pushead) and back cover artwork. Inside, besides the three LPs (each housed in their own custom, octagon-shaped sleeve) there is a 40-page liner notes book, with dozens of images – from album artwork to promotional ads – as well as interviews with both Keith and Dan The Automator by author Brian Coleman.

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Previously, Get On Down has released special items, including Raekwon’s “purple tape” and purple vinyl reissues of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…, GZA’s Liquid Swords chess packaging reissue, and the CD and vinyl of CZARFACE’s first album.