Method Man & Ghostface’s Collabo With Hanz On Will Leave You Looking Like… (Audio)

Two weeks ago, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Hanz On dropped “Big Sky,” a big-body record featuring longtime collaborator Method Man. As if that wasn’t enough, today (March 10), the two are back, only this time the one and only Ghostface Killah joins in on the fun.

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Premiering at 2DopeBoyz, “Smoke Like We Do” is about getting lifted, and both Killer Bees deliver sky-high bars. “The scientifical mathematical/God made the smoke from the earth, this all natural,” rhymes Tony Starks, who is first up to bat. Highlighting cannabis’ ability to help increase “the wise minds of the scholars” and “increase tax dollars,” Ghost’ touts his as the best around. For his part, Hanz On lists his favorite strains before rapping “Hanz On be smokin’ so much booger, it’s berserk.” Championing “hash from Afghanistan,” Hannibal The Great proves his appetite is interested only in the best the world has to offer.

Mr. Meth closes things up, and unsurprisingly manages to make the topic cerebral and entertaining. “Light a booger, I’m blunted, my suga callin’ me suga/In love with Mary Jane, and I don’t know how to quit her/Done too much frequent flying, now I don’t know where I put her,” he spits. His verse follows a framework that is in some ways similar to Common’s “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” where human qualities are given to an inanimate object/concept. “Back in the days, I used to push her,” he says before signing off with “I’m the plug, candy man with them drugs, I got the hookup.”

“Smoke Like We Do” (which also features wigs)  and “Big Sky” will both appear on Hanz On’s forthcoming album BARCA, which arrives March 17 and also features Raekwon, Inspectah Deck, and others.