Logic Uses His Superhuman Flow To Make Us All Feel Like Heroes (Video)

After a very quiet 2016, Logic has started 2017 off with a bang. The Maryland MC, known as Young Sinatra, for his resemblance of a youthful Frankie, has announced he is releasing his third studio album, Everybody, on May 5th. The album will feature guest appearances from Killer Mike and Juicy J and, on one of the most anticipated tracks by Heads, Black Thought and Chuck D. Even before its release, the LP has sparked some controversy, as Freddie Gibbs accused him of taking his cover art concept from that of Gibbs’ album. The title track, Logic’s first single, also found Logic getting a few things off his chest.

Logic Releases His 1st Single. His Album Artwork Draws Criticism From Freddie Gibbs (Audio)

Now, Logic has released the album’s first video, and it strikes a very different tone. “Black SpiderMan” taps into the kind of Gospel feel that was present on much of Chance The Rapper’s Grammy award-winning Coloring Book mixtape. On the song, Logic rapid-fire raps about wanting to be judged as a person, rather than by his bi-racial identity. He is joined by a Gospel choir, and even a Spiderman look-alike. At the end, two very cool (and high) cats shoot the breeze about the racial identity associated with many of our cultural icons, such as Superman, Santa Claus, and even Jerry Seinfeld.

The video is as surreal as it sounds, but ultimately, it is meant to turn our notion of “reality” on its head.