Nice & Smooth’s Smooth B Returns With A New Song That Shows He’s Still A Sure Shot (Audio)

Nice & Smooth have officially been a group for 30 years. The Bronx, New York collective “has come back with more and more hits” in the 1980s and 1990s. Now in the 2010s, the clique is highly active still. Last month Greg Nice partnered with Positive K (of “I Got A Man” fame) to release the self-titled debut of their Gr8te Mindz group (featuring rhymes from Chuck D, and beats by Easy Mo Bee, DJ Scratch, and Vance Wright). On the other side of Nice & Smooth, Smooth B just dropped a rare solo song, produced by NYC mixtape juggernaut Ron G.

Whereas Greg Nice has worked outside of the group for much of its existence, Smooth has been far less prolific. “So Much More” is a welcomed deviation from that norm. With Ron laying out a smooth beat (an homage in itself to Big Daddy Kane’s “Smooth Operator”), he scratches some “DWYCK” acapella freshness from Smooth, as well as some Rakim. The buttery soft vocals wit crisp cadence is in tact, as Smooth B collects props as an MC. He goes back to ’87 and traces listeners through checkpoints of hits in his and Greg’s catalog.

Nice & Smooth dropped a video for a song that is 22 years old. Ironically, the song is called “No Delayin’.”

Last year, Nice & Smooth toured the East Coast.

#BonusBeat: The newly-released “Bring It” video from Gr8te Minds:

This video features Charlie Murphy.