Page Kennedy’s Latest Freestyle Leaves Weak Rappers In The Weeds (Video)

Page Kennedy is promoting his recently-released Torn Pages album the best way that he possibly can. The veteran actor from Blue Mountain State (“Radon Randell”) and Weeds (“U-Turn”) isn’t using his Hollywood resumé to pump the LP, he’s relying on his exceptional freestyles.

It is hard to find a more captivating free-form verse than his recent Omar Cruz Show display on Power 106. With an interview to follow, Page hits a classic LOX instrumental with power that commands respect. “Witnesses know what I say goes / Bullet holes in your clothes look like Kanye’s clothes / Holy shit! / He makes you pay hundreds of dollars for that holey shit / I’ma give it to you free, boy / ‘Cause I’m a D boy / Ready to destroy / As soon as I deploy.” While he references ‘Ye, he also name-checks Eazy-E, Remy Ma’s apparent defeat Nicki Minaj, and Teddy Pendergrass.

Using a particularly punchy line from the freestyle, Page reveals that the Straight Bars mixtape is coming soon.

Page Kennedy Is The Boogeyman & Mumble Rap Is His Prey (Video)

Like his Detroit, Michigan neighbor Eminem, Page Kennedy is not interested in being politically correct or well-liked by all peers. However, he appears committed to being one dope MC.