Raekwon Salutes Marvin Gaye With Some Musical Healing On The Anniversary Of His Death (Audio)

One week ago, Raekwon released his seventh album, The Wild. The ICE H20 Records release features rhyme commentary on the state of Hip-Hop and relationship break-ups, as well as some classic Shallah Raekwon slick talk. Additionally, there is a tribute to Marvin Gaye, simply titled “Marvin.” The Wu-Tang Clan swordsman who worked extensively with Outkast teams up with another Dungeon Family member, Goodie Mob’s CeeLo Green.

Marvin Gaye was killed 33 years ago today (April 1); his birthday is tomorrow (April 2). A legend of the Motown Records sound, Marvin had been instrumental to music that defined the 1960s and 1970s, covering a spectrum of emotions. Gaye made music for sex, protest, street treachery, dancing, and lounging. Those are things that Rae’ has aimed to do too, in his prolific career with Wu-Tang Clan and solo-wise. He tells another artist’s story, with a heartfelt style, tremendous research, and some keen introspection. Behind Raekwon’s raps, CeeLo croons a proper tribute to one of his own inspirations. Listen, and celebrate a true legend of music and modern culture.

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Marvin’s music transcended genres and it can speak to anyone, but it especially speaks to those of us who come from the inner-city; poverty, oppression, the good and the bad. Living in the inner-city, his music helps us reflect. He was real and you could hear it in his voice and in his music. That is where we have parallels, he spoke to a generation and so do I and Wu-Tang [Clan]. We share creativity and we speak on what we want people to hear; and not focus on trends. Marvin saw the climate change and what he saw affected him.  He stood up for what he believed in (issues we are still dealing with today) and created conversation and awareness and he had a vision; I resemble those same traits.  I wish I could sit down with him and play him this tribute and just smoke a spliff and vibe.” – Raekwon on Marvin Gaye.

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Marvin would have been 77 years old this weekend.