Raekwon Details Wu-Tang Clan’s Response To U-God’s $2.5 Million Lawsuit

Last November, Wu-Tang Clan member U-God slapped his band-mates with a reported $2.5 million lawsuit. The Staten Island, New York veteran named RZA and brother, manager Mitchell “Divine” Diggs in the lawsuit, and alleged that he had not been paid for any group work since 2013. That period includes a million-dollar sale of the sole copy Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, as well as other work.

Several days later, The Golden Arms MC seemingly clarified reports, in verse. On the song “Venom,” U-God pledged allegiance to Wu-Tang, even despite the legal battle.


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Speaking with HipHopDX in promotion of his newly-released album, The Wild, Raekwon addressed the suit. Reportedly with a hearty laugh, Rae’ said of his “Black Jesus” collaborator, “I did talk to U-God! We was laughing about it and shit. He was like ‘Yo, man, c’mon man, that shit don’t even make any sense’ to be dealing with [Wu-Tang Clan] on that level. From what he telling me, that was just media just twisting things around.” While Raekwon suggested media hype (TMZ reported U-God’s lawsuit as an exclusive), he understood the frustration. “[U-God] want answers! And that’s what it’s all about.”

Raekwon also revealed that in the midst of the legal battle, Wu-Tang Clan has spoken about the incident while touring together. “The first thing I said when I seen [U-God] was like, ‘Yo, you suing me nigga?’ [Laughing] But he was like, [Sucks teeth] ‘C’mon man, stop it. That’s the twist that the people and press put on things.’ I actually asked him when we did the ‘Wu-Year’s Eve’ show out in Las Vegas.”

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In the past, Raekwon has been vocal with his disapproval for some group decisions. Following 2007’s 8 Diagrams album, Chef noted that he felt the production was subpar in a conversation with XXL. Subsequently, Rae’ proposed an idea of a faction of a Clan operating as “Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang.” While that would be a title an eventual solo title in 2011, Raekwon joined Ghostface Killah and Method Man for 2010’s Wu-Massacre side project on Def Jam Records.

The DX interview also addresses Wu’s absence from The Wild.