Swizz Beatz Details Why DMX’s Next Album Will “Change The Game” (Video)

DMX has been on the minds of Hip-Hop fans for many reasons in recent days. The legendary rapper is expected to release a new album later this year, an eagerly awaited follow-up to 2012’s Undisputed. With five platinum (or better) albums under his belt, the Yonkers, New York icon has left one the most indelible marks on Rap, and his bigger-than-life persona both on the mic and in his daily life make him a true original. Having struggled with legal and medical issues throughout the course of his career, the superstar born Earl Simmons has never been out of the spotlight, but earlier this week was forced to abruptly cancel some upcoming performances to tend to what is being called a “medical emergency.”

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But despite DMX’s ongoing trials, it appears the music is never far away and a recent interview with his longtime friend and collaborator, Swizz Beatz, suggests the Ruff Ryders leader may have another monster of a record on his hands. In speaking with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN on Drink Champs, the Grammy-winning producer who helped helm DMX’s early success spoke about what fans can expect, and also divulged some intimate details about his relationship with the man he calls his brother.

Near the 7:10 mark, Swizz says “I got a lot of good news for [DMX fans] this year. His album is crazy. And I promise you, it’s going to change the game, and I don’t say that lightly. It’s gonna go from the streets to the Grammys.” He goes on to address his feeling that X is not where he should be today, career wise, and says “to see my brother that I started with not be where he should be, it fucks with me every night.” 

Shortly thereafter, Swizzy goes into more detail about their relationship, but not before calling DMX “epic” and saying “there’s nothing before [him], and there’s nothing to come after, and we gotta protect that by any means necessary.” However, he continues, “I think the most important part is a relationship with two brothers. The music comes later. The fact that you can reach and pull your brother up with you and walk that same walk, to me, is more than the money, more than the deal, more than music.” He continues, near the 10:20 mark, saying that Heads are in for a remarkable return from DMX, and not just because the music is hot. “I fuck with X right now because he’s spiritually and mentally ready. He’s always been lyrically ready, but if you’re not spiritually and mentally ready to go out to the world, it’s a waste of time. Everybody can want the return of him, but he gotta want the return for his self.”

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He goes on, “X has a long history of a lot of different things that a lot of people are gonna understand with this album, and you understand why he is who he is. And there’s a reason for that, from birth. From the way he was treated, from the way he was handled, from the way he was delivered. That’s the reason why X seem like the way he is. It’s not just because he’s portrayed in a certain style. People like to say X is the closest thing to [Tupac Shakur], I say X is the closest thing to nobody. I seen that man with $30 million in the bank…X gave his money away. He didn’t blow his money away. He gave it away to homeless people. I seen this man take shoes off his feet. I can’t leave that stranded.”

It’s likely not  this episode of Drink Champs was filmed prior to DMX’s recent health scare, but that doesn’t alter the sentiment in Swizz’s words.

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Elsewhere in the 3-hour interview, Swizz Beatz discusses career highlights like “Jigga My Nigga’s” effect on New York City, memories of Big Pun, reuniting with Cassidy, and much, much, much more.