Termanology & Saigon Use Q-Tip Production For A Sobering Look At What’s Wrong (Video)

One of the most poignant tracks in Termanology’s expansive catalog is “We’re Both Wrong.” The track pairs the 1982 MC with production from A Tribe Called Quest’s Q-Tip. For a song about the ills of society, especially law enforcement profiling and brutalizing people of color, Saigon’s slang editorial is a welcomed feature.

Producer Q-Tip chops down a melodic Soul vocal, with a loop that allows the MCs to shine. Saigon goes first with his cross-examination of police that simply want to see people of color in iron cages. As he has done on so many issues, the Abandoned Nation MC makes his argument precise and poignant. Term’ follows, making a rally-cry to the people who are not paying attention to the greater issues—because they are trapped in a system. As enduring Rap music should do, this song raises conversation, eyebrows, and hopefully the volume on your speakers. The video includes footage of Rodney King’s beating by the LAPD, Sandra Bland’s interaction with Texas state trooper Brian Encinia, and more. Term’ and “Sai’ Giddy” rap in close quarters, clearly motioning that enough is enough.

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The video is directed by Myster DL for Ill Mannered Films. This single appeared on last year’s More Politics album.