Black Thought, Logic & Chuck D Unite To Fight The Power In 2017 (Audio)

Life is too short to listen to bad music. So…let us fight through it for you and only supply you with that great stuff. Despite the reports, Hip-Hop is alive and well and, in many ways, is better than it’s ever been. Not only are we able to go back and listen to all of our favorites, at the click of a button, there is also a ton of great music still being made by artists, young and veteran alike…if you know where to look.

To help with that task, we’ve created two playlists. One features more recent music—songs that have been released within the last year or so—while the other is throwback, focused on the ’80s and ’90s. We update each of these playlists regularly, so, if you like what you hear, subscribe to follow us on Spotify.

This Throwback Playlist Celebrates The Hip-Hop That Is Never Played-Out. (Audio)

Today, we celebrate the newer music. Today (May 5) Logic released his third official album, Everybody. While last year’s Bobby Tarantino project was a mixtape, this Visionary Music Group/Def Jam Records LP picks up where ’15’s The Incredible Story left off. There is a key distinction however. Whereas the Maryland MC’s first two LPs were relatively quiet on Rap features, Everybody lives up to its name. Logic welcomes Juicy J, Killer Mike, Khalid, and several others to the fold. The coup de grace however, is “America.” Logic, Public Enemy’s Chuck D, The Roots’ Black Thought, and V.M.G.’s Big Lenbo together on a rugged No I.D. track (co-produced by Logic and 6ix).

“America” is not simply a cool collabo’ on paper. This is potent commentary on where this nation is. Logic touts “fight the power!” and then swings, “fuck White Power!” before spitting lyrics that rework some classic Nas: “Make America Great Again / Make it hate again / Make it white / Make everybody fight / Fuck that / Street’s disciple / My raps are trifle / I shoot slugs for my brain / Just like Cobain / And everybody wonder why the world insane.” He repeats himself for effect. Black Thought follows with an abbreviated verse, decrying false information and the racially-unequal drug crusade of present day. With the same distorted, vintage-sounding mic effect as Logic and Tariq, Chuck D enters. P.E.’s booming voice fights the powers of gun control, immigration, and the Flint Water Crisis.

Logic returns with a verse that is all his own, and that evokes his own personal circumstances, as well as some bold peer criticism: “George Bush don’t care about Black People / 2016 and Donald Trump is the sequel / So, shit…I say what Kanye won’t: / ‘Wake the fuck up and give the people what they want’ / Man, it’s all love, but the youth is confusion / Music is 20/20 but them political views? / Is blurred / I ain’t trying to leave your name slurred / ‘Cause honestly, I idolize you on everything, my word / But I gotta say what need to be said / ‘Cause I ain’t fuckin’ with the hat with the colors that’s white and red / And I know some people wish I act white instead / And say I use my pigment as a manifestation to get ahead / Fuck that, everything I do, I do it right / To teach the people that they have the power to fight.” Notably, Logic and Kanye West have the same mentor in No I.D., who is highly involved in this track. The young star at Def Jam is telling the decade-plus label-mate to look closer, look clearer, and compare that 2005 statement to his 2016 photograph with Donald Trump.

Logic Uses His Superhuman Flow To Make Us All Feel Like Heroes (Video)

We’ve included this song, plus others from today’s new releases of Logic’s Everybody and Brother Ali’s All The Beauty In This Whole World. In addition, you can hear some exceptional new music from Kendrick Lamar, Gorillaz, DJ Quik, Wale, Nas, Joey Bada$$, Drake, and a host of others. There’s also splashes of R&B and Funk, because no one can live on just Rap music alone.

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Logic has two Top 5 LPs. Everybody may earn him a new best, should he chart #2 or better in the week ahead.