CeeLo Borrows Childish Gambino’s Muse For His Own Funky Fling (Audio)

Childish Gambino’s “Redbone” was one of the biggest, most welcome surprises of 2016. Long before the song opened Get Out, it first signaled Donald Glover’s deep dive into Funk music, emerging with a sound rich with inspiration, yet all his own. “Awaken My Love!” is a beautiful collection of modern Funk, fueled by themes of sex, self-exploration, and race relations.

CeeLo Green has never been shy about covering artists. The soulful singer and MC did an evocative rendition of Band Of Horses’ “No One’s Gonna Love You,” modernized Carl Douglas’ Disco hit “Kung Fu Fighting” for younger generations, and reworked Rick Springfield’s New Wave hit, with some clever lyric manipulation. The Goodie Mob co-founder steps up and tackles “Redbone.” Like the “Jessie’s Girl” cover, CeeLo throws some original themes in there. If Childish Gambino waxed a balance of angst and lust, CeeLo takes it to an R-rating by laying down his game-plan for the femme fatale.

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Though a bit more full frontal, CeeLo keeps the song and let’s his golden voice stamp the song as his own. The chorus and intro the verses are possibly the highlights in the sensual seduction.

This song premiered at Digital Trends.