Dizzy Wright’s Ear Is To The Street. He Listens Then Puts His Plan To Action (Video)

Dizzy Wright has transformed from one of the key players of Funk Volume boom to the flagship artist of Still Movin’. The Las Vegas, Nevada native has proven throughout the decade that he has many styles, a variety of flows, and is capable of personal imagery and dazzling style.

Visually, “Word On The Streetz” is simple but grabbing. The video sees Diz’ walking around. However, colors are projected on him, showing his many sides. Lyrically, he uses the song the moment for Wright to show his consciousness. The MC talks about building a movement that is honest and supportive of his band-mates (Demrick, Euroz, and Reezy). With splashes of melody in his delivery, he kicks jewels such as: “I told my O.G., ‘With all the travel what’s the hassle?’ / He told me, ‘What you rap about is only half the battle’ / Admit it, don’t build your castle and let your family straggle / I’m livid, money got less value than my f**kin’ shadow / You n**gas better free your mind, better free your f**kin’ minds / I’m always right on time and ya’ll ain’t ever dropped a dime / It’s fine, not gon’ be salty or be sour / Ahead of fools like the time jumped up an hour.

Dizzy Wright Leaves The Funk Behind With New Teammates & A Volume Of Bars (Video)

This standalone single, using an Isaac Hayes groove (familiar to Biggie fans), released earlier this month. In ’16, Dizzy and Demrick dropped the Blaze With Us collabo mixtape, as well as Wright’s hometown pride 702 EP.

#BonusBeat: The aforementioned Reezy and Euroz teamed to release “The Yella Tape” today (May 29):

This the latest installment of the Still Movin Monday series.