Dizzy Wright Leaves The Funk Behind With New Teammates & A Volume Of Bars (Video)

At the beginning of 2016, Hopsin announced that the label he founded, Funk Volume, was closing shop. At the time, Las Vegas rapper Dizzy Wright had been with the label for nearly four years and the announcement cast a shadow of uncertainty over his future. In the months following the label’s closure, Dizzy dropped The 702 EP and a collaborative mixtape with Demrick, Blaze With Us and announced a new label: Still Movin.

With Or Without Funk Volume, Dizzy Wright Is Plotting His Future & It Looks Bright (Video)

Fittingly, the label’s website features the tagline “Everyone has failed. Everyone has been broken. Everyone has suffered loss. Everyone has been let down. What is most important, however, is what happens next. We are Still Movin. #AlwaysForward.” Along with Dizzy and Demrick, the label is home to Euroz and Reezy, all of whom are featured on the inaugural episode of “The Suite Sixteen Series.” All four rappers are out to show and prove on what serves as an official introduction to the label’s roster, and based on the video’s opening sequence, this is just the beginning.

It all starts with Dizzy throwing open a literal door and rapping “It’s 2017, what you averaging?/No fabrication, I’m immaculate/My afro look like Colin Kaepernick’s/Decapitate your favorite rapper’s happiness.” By the video’s end, each of the rappers has delivered an aggressive, cleanly executed verse in his own unique style, giving Heads a taste of what future collaborations might sound like. Produced by MLB, there is no hook and lyrical topics range from the low-brow to the politically astute and it’s all closed with Euroz rapping “fuck whoever poppin’, we ain’t never stoppin’.” It’s a telling closing statement that could speak to big plans for major releases from some (or even all) of Still Movin’s fledgling talent.

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According to Still Movin’s Facebook page, the label will be releasing new music every Monday.