With Or Without Funk Volume, Dizzy Wright Is Plotting His Future & It Looks Bright (Video)

Over the last several weeks, there has been a lot of chatter about the demise of Funk Volume, the label home to Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Dizzy Wright and more. As the recent rift between, and possible reconciliation of, Lil Wayne and Birdman has shown, people in labels are often like family, and family members have ups and downs that are complicated on the inside, and nearly inscrutable, from the outside looking in. Whatever the case may be, the show must go on, and Dizzy Wright is the first to strike.

Last week, the MC announced the release of a new EP, Wisdom and Good Vibes, for February 5. Dizzy said of the project, “This is my most musical album, meaning we brought live instrumentation into the studio. Despite everything that’s going on, I’m in a really good space right now and this project reflects that. This past year I’ve dedicated time to learning more about life and the business and everything around me. I’ve surrounded myself with good, smart people and we’re learning from each other. And I’m always about keeping it positive so that’s why I called this project Wisdom and Good Vibes.”

The first release from the EP is “Plotting,” and in the song and video, Dizzy makes it clear that he is planning his future and, while he may be a bit out of his comfort zone, he is still moving forward.

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