Kendrick Lamar Has Gucci Mane’s Head Hanging From A Mirror In The “Perfect Pint” Video

Kendrick Lamar will not allow himself to be put in a box. In his early days, he was seen as an underground rapper, willing to take on his entire peer group with his ferocious bars. When he released his major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Kendrick was transformed into the latest in a long lineage of MCs from Compton, CA kicking tales about growing up in Hub City’s mean streets. When Kendrick resurfaced in 2015, he sported long, natural hair that grew into corn rows, and he carried with him powerful messages about Black strife and empowerment, garnering him the title of a “conscious rapper.” And, he defied expectations yet again with this year’s DAMN., as he explored themes related to religion, destiny and free will, often set to Trap beats.

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As much as any of the other directional shifts, the Trap beats may have been the biggest surprise for longtime Kendrick fans who were used to the lush samples and musicality found on his previous albums and mixtapes. Kendrick, himself, even acknowledged his departure from what many expect from him in his “Mask Off” remix with Future, where he rapped “How y’all let a conscious ni**a go commercial while only makin’ conscious albums?” On DAMN., many of those tracks came courtesy of one of the reigning Trap Kings, Mike Will Made It. Will contributed the music for “DNA.,” “XXX.,” and Kendrick’s first ever number 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 Charts, “HUMBLE.” Before those collaborations, however, Kendrick and Mike first connected on 2017’s “Perfect Pint.”

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On the song’s debut, it seemed like a crazy combination. Not only was Kendrick teaming with Mike for the first time, he also joined Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane, 3 other unlikely collaborators. As crazy as the song may have seemed on paper, it pales in comparison to the visuals for it that Mike Will has unleashed. The mind-bending video features gigantic tarantulas, tornadoes, flying turtles, exploding police officers, and huge pills falling from the sky. And, that’s just the first minute.

By the time Kendrick’s verse rolls around, he is shown comfortably cruising in a car that is flying through a sky filled with flying unicorns, massive reptilian eyes, and women on rocket ships. In what may be the video’s most bizarre moment, for a while, Kendrick’s rear view mirror ornament is Gucci Mane’s live head, which has been shrunken and mounted on a flying saucer.

Confused? As Kendrick has shown time and time again, the only thing to be expected from Kung Fu Kenny is the unexpected. Just it back and enjoy the ride…but not like Gucci.